Life is about having good mindsetThis weekend I found myself deep in the research again around habits, mindset and what sets people apart who create breakthroughs from a life of addiction and those who continue to struggle.

One of the keys to success that stands out for me with those who are thriving and free of food obsessions (and all drugs really) is that they’ve created a positive, empowered inner identity – or mental picture of who they are – that is NOT an addict.  And along with that mental vision for who they see themselves as, they consistently reinforce and empower themselves with a positive self-talk diet.  They also consume things with a high vibration that keep them aligned with their best and most authentic self.

They feed their mind, body and soul with things that uplift and energize them.

Positive Mind Vibes LifeAllow me to give you an example of how I saw a correlation to this in my world.

A few years ago I was “on the market” and friends talked about meeting great guys online so I thought why not?! I went onto a few sites, found guys with nice pictures and profiles and went out with a few here and there.

Just like me, these guys put their best picture(s) on their profile.  Some guys I’d meet looked cute in a head shot, but when we were in person I found out they were big men and pretty out of shape.

Health and vitality is my number one value. I quickly realized I needed to get better at filtering out men who weren’t taking good care of themselves because our lifestyles wouldn’t be a good match.

I began to notice if a guy had a double chin or big cheeks he was usually out of shape.  This was a sign for me he wasn’t into being active and taking care of his health like I was.

Sorry if this is a little crude or TMI, but bear with me.  There is a point here!

You see, I’m in my mid-40’s and the guys I was looking at were in their 40’s – 50’s.  Yet, when I stepped back and looked at pictures of guys who were younger, say 20’s-30’s, very few of them had double chins or big cheeks. But it was very noticeable how many men in their 40’s and 50’s were carrying extra weight as a result of their unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Just like people who make poor food choices and don’t exercise or move their bodies regularly you can see it on the outside.  Especially later in life.  The divide between healthy and unhealthy gets wider and bigger when you reach your 40’s and 50’s.

Are you beginning to see the correlation to your mindset?

The same cumulative effect is true for your mind and the results in your life.  Unfortunately, I’ve found the effects of our thinking often show up much sooner.  When new clients contact me for coaching and in they’re in their 30’s and 40’s they’re often wrapped up so tight in a mental prison of restriction, control and fear they are literally sick and tired of their own thoughts….and ready for that breakthrough!

If you spend every day feeding your mind a negative self-talk diet (“I’m fat/worthless/lazy/not perfect”), taking in a negative environment (friends/family/colleagues, media, magazines/social media) and not being more intentional about what you say to yourself – your inner dialogue – you will absolutely have the same results the men on these websites had.

Your inner mental health will be just as out of shape.

You can't have a positive life with a negative mindRemember: You can’t expect a positive life with a negative mind.

If you’re living every day with disempowering thoughts of restriction, control, scarcity, worry, anxiety, shame and a host of other negative thoughts you will feel like a prisoner of your own mind. 

To free yourself you must unlock the cage you’ve created in your mind and that involves feeding yourself a “positive thought diet”.

The things we feed our mind are eventually what we become.  We CAN shape ourselves.  One…thought…at…a…time.

Here’s where we get back to my earlier comments about looking at my own life to provide you with ideas and inspirations to help you get started on your positive thought diet.

What I will lay out here are some examples of the things I enjoy consuming daily to give you ideas for your own mental conditioning.

  1. Abraham Hicks Videos – one of my favorite teachers with high vibration content

Good feeling video

Get Happy!

Junk food and good vibrations

  1. Motivational power videos of inspirational speakers to get the juices flowing before a workout

Contenders – this video gets me so fired up before I workout it’s awesome!

Alive – another great motivational video which asks “What does amazing look like for you?!”…more awesome 😉

  1. Daily consciousness conditioning videos during your morning process session, in between activities (like while commuting) or unwinding before bed

Defeat the weak voice – brainwash yourself for success

The mechanics of mind control – insights from great teachers how to take back control of your mind

  1. If you’re a fan of Tony Robbins like me and you’ve seen him live this video I AM THE VOICE will rev you up! If you haven’t seen him life – GO! This video may not pump you up as much as if you’ve seen him live.

Ok…now you!

Train your mind to see the good in everything

I invite you before you walk away from this to create a stretch goal for yourself.

What is ONE activity you can act on this week that will be a small step towards positively conditioning your mind every day?  What’s one thing you’ll stop or start doing today?

The importance of starting today is because you’ll lose momentum if you wait until tomorrow.  You MUST do it TODAY!

Keep in mind you don’t want the activities to be too far away from where you are or your [self]identity will pull you back into your comfort zone and sabotage you in the first week.  Too much and too big of a change is a LOT for the mind and body to overcome. With a strong why, it’s possible, but not always do-able for most people.  Just get started with one small thing.

Some ideas to cut back on habits that don’t serve you:

  • Change the timing or stop watching the news before bed or first thing in the morning – check the headlines once a day instead of in your most critical energy hours around sleep.
  • Cut back on your social media time. I had a rule for a while because I was such a Pinterest addict that I’d set a clock and only enjoy it for 6 minutes.  Clock timer went off, I shut it down. With this approach, I felt the pleasure I wanted to in a quick burst and it didn’t keep me from all of the other great things I wanted to do that day.

Some ideas to incorporate habits that do serve you:

  • Listen to one positive video for 5-10 minutes every day.
  • Spend 5-10 minutes with one of your favorite authors who lifts you up and inspires you every day.
  • Meditate 5 minutes a day every day.
  • Take a 10 -15 minute nap or lay down in the afternoon (or when you’re regularly worn out or reaching for that caffeine pick me up).

It’s the daily consistency that will bring you the best results.

I’m not sure you heard that, so let me say it again.


Try something new on a small scale for a minimum of 1-2 weeks. If you can keep consistent with a small thing, consider expanding to it (go from 5 minutes/day to 10 minutes/day).  Once you’ve hit 30 days commit to 60 days and thereafter.  After 60 days you will have a new positive habit that supports you.

This, my friend, is how you change your life.

Seems simple…and it is.

It’s not easy if you have a practiced identity constructed and reinforced daily with negative conditioning.

But you can change your mind one thought, one day at a time. I promise.

Now it’s time to decide what to do, commit to doing it and put in place whatever you need to make sure you DO IT!

Let me know how it goes, OK?

Leave a comment below…

To your greatness,