Hypnosis for Breaking Sugar Addiction and Sweet Tooth


You Can Kick Those Sugary Cravings with Hypnotherapy

One of the most popular questions new hypnotherapy clients ask is can hypnosis help them alleviate sugar cravings? How does hypnosis for sugar addiction work they wonder – and more importantly will it work for them.

Much of the anxiety and depression people experience today is confounded because of an addiction to sugar tied to a poor quality diet.

With hypnosis for sugar addiction we’re able to help you choose to eat higher nutrition foods for your body, but also improve your overall well being. Thus, making you better prepared for life’s daily challenges with a higher tolerance to stress and reduced anxiety.

Common Causes for a Sugar Addiction

It might seem harmless that tasty grande latte or afternoon chocolate fix. Yet it’s surprising where all of the other hidden sugars exist in our modern convenience foods.

It’s obvious when we drink a coffee drink topped with whipped cream, eat a candy bar or our favorite yummy treat; you know there’s sugar in those. Yet, you may be surprised to learn there’s quite a bit of sugar in your bread, your ketchup, your healthy-sounding fruit shakes and all sorts of other unsuspecting foods you’re eating today.

The problem is two-fold; we know too much sugar is bad for us and there’s sugar we aren’t aware we’re eating creating a stronger pull to eat more sugar! We’re all up for trying to reduce the amount of sweets we eat, but we find it so hard to resist temptation!

Why is that?!

Leaving your mind and body to willpower alone in those late afternoon energy drops or after dinner sweet spots can feel like leaving an alcoholic in a room with a liquor bottle and telling them to ignore it.

As you probably know, sugar actually reprograms your brain and creates its own intense cravings much like other substances we become addicted to. In fact, several studies have shown that sugar is as addictive – if not more – than drugs like cocaine and heroin.

But willpower alone isn’t enough to break our minds free from addictions to sugar and sweets. A sugar addiction is rooted deep in the unconscious mind. Our subconscious has developed strong link and positive association to sweets.

If you’ve struggled to get rid of that sweet tooth and sugar habit, it’s time for something new. Until you untangle and reframe the associations linked up in your mind, you aren’t getting to the root cause. We’ve got to get to the root if we want to permanently kill off the weeds.

Using Hypnosis to Reprogram Your Mind And Break The Sugar Addiction


With hypnosis, together we’ll discover how your subconscious views sugar, sweets, treats and really any foods you’re wanting to regain control over. These associations will give us the information we need to begin to change your underlying habits and allow you to regain control of your food choices.

During our hypnosis sessions, we will be programming your mind to see sugary foods (and drinks) in a completely new way. This will give you choice again.

You see, most people when asked don’t want to give up their favorite sweets and treats forever. They just want to be able to consciously choose when they eat them and when they say no to them. This gives you your power back so you make new choices that are in line with your personal goals and vision.

Quitting sugar is often challenging. So one session won’t likely be enough, depending upon how long the habit patterns have been in place and your desire to make the change.

Hypnosis is a process of conditioning. When you stick with it until you see results, then you will be able to quit sugar using hypnosis. The only reason hypnosis would not work is if you either truly don’t want the results, or if you don’t have enough sessions. That’s it.

The beauty of hypnosis over other forms of therapy is that with hypnosis results can come quickly. An average of 6 sessions of hypnotherapy results in 93% improvement. So you might need only 4 sessions or you might need 10 sessions. The number shouldn’t matter – it’s your willingness and commitment to make the lasting change that will make a difference for you.

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