ThriveNOW Hypnotherapy

HypnoCoaching = Hypnotherapy + Coaching

ThriveNOW is my custom designed approach that incorporates life coaching with hypnosis is the most powerful combination I’ve ever seen for rapidly creating positive self-improvement that truly lasts. Used together, hypnosis and coaching provide a diverse set of strategies to help clients rapidly achieve their personal, professional and life goals.

As you can imagine, hypnosis and coaching are a powerful combination that offers a more comprehensive, integrated approach working much deeper and faster than traditional therapy or even coaching where you can make real changes that LAST.

This is where my ThriveNOW can provide more powerful, lasting results.

Start. Getting. Excited.

Coaching engages your conscious mind by bringing self-awareness to your patterns and mobilizing action plans for day-to-day decision making.

Hypnotherapy anchors in more sustainable and synergistic changes by transforming you at the level of the subconscious mind, where limiting beliefs, emotional triggers (memories) and habits are stored. As you may know, our behaviors are built upon beliefs, values, and conditioned patterns running in the subconscious mind.


Polly Mertens, the developer of ThriveNOW, and offers a powerful combination of therapeutic hypnosis and best practices for life, personal and business coaching techniques to help you achieve the results you want in your life – NOW.

We are proud to have worked with clients all over the world. Located in San Luis Obispo, CA we conveniently serve clients from Santa Maria to Paso Robles and throughout San Luis Obispo County and beyond via Skype or ZOOM remote sessions. If you’d like to schedule your free 20 minute consultation or get more information, please call (805) 441-3904 or complete the form at the bottom of the page to send your message. Click here to learn more about pricing and what to expect.

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Take action to achieve real results NOW.

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Hypnosis and Coaching Applications  


  • Assist the Body in Physical Healing
  • Motivation to Exercise
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Menopause Symptoms and Hot Flashes
  • Weight Loss or Weight Management
  • More Energy and Vitality
  • Breaking Sugar Addictions and Sweet Tooth



  • Fears or Feelings of Abandonment
  • Fear of Success
  • Fear of Failure
  • Insecurity
  • Clarity and Compelling Vision
  • Sleep Issues
  • Lack of Direction/Purpose
  • Perfectionism
  • People Pleasing
  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Blame
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Compassion and Self-Kindness
  • Self-Control
  • Self-Criticism (Inner Critic)
  • Self-Defeating or Sabotaging Behaviors
  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Integrity (Keeping Your Word)
  • Self-Love
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Self-Image
  • Self-Mastery
  • Personal Boundaries


  • Greater Concentration and Focus
  • Boost Creativity
  • Powerful Decision Making
  • Increase Motivation
  • Better and Rapid Problem Solving
  • Comfortable With Public Speaking
  • Reaching Personal and Professional Goals
  • Relaxation
  • Build Resilience/Grit
  • Act With Courage and Bravery
  • Regain Inner Confidence and Self-Worth
  • Achieve Self-Mastery
  • Enhance Sports Performance
  • Overcome Stage Fright
  • Better Study Habits or Reading Faster
  • Never Be Late Again – Overcome Tardiness
  • Master Time Management
  • Release Weight and Maintain for Life
  • Replace Bad Food Habits – Empowered Eating


As a habit expert and long-time coach to clients looking to break entrenched addictions and bad habits that had them feeling stuck, I’ve seen first hand how challenging it is to bring about changes using mere willpower. Working with just our conscious mind is often a futile endeavor.  One step forward leads to two steps backward.

How many times have you tried to implement a positive change in your life (“I’m going to start going to the gym tomorrow and for REAL this time…”), only to find that the next day or even a few weeks later you’re back to your old bad habits?

I was a food addict for 20 years and overcame a gripping eating disorder, so I know intimately about the shame and struggle we as human beings face trying to make changes in our lives. Even when we really, really, really want to stop…we just can’t seem to get where we want to go.

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Take action to achieve real results NOW.

Call (805) 441-3904 or fill in the form below to request your complimentary phone consultation.