“Champions do in private what it takes to be called champions in public.”

Champion Quote - Addiction RecoveryI love that message so not too surprising I find myself repeating it a lot lately.  To myself, to clients, and amongst friends.

The idea of a champion seems to be showing up everywhere for me so I took a moment to really consider why I feel this quote is such an important message.

The underlying theme in that quote for me is about alignment.  Aligning our thoughts, energy and actions with our goals, our dreams, our intentions.  It’s about be-ing and do-ing what it takes in each moment to line up with and manifest our dreams into reality.

It’s about being who you said you were going to be…through and true…inside and out.

As I reflect on coaching calls when I hear clients stumble with their commitments and fall back (sometimes self-sabotaging) into old patterns and unwanted habits I notice the pattern is tied to being out of alignment.  They’re not be-ing and do-ing what they want most.

Another way of looking at alignment to me is the word “integrity”.  One definition of integrity says, “the state of being whole and undivided.”

Integrity is the basis of self-confidence if you ask me.

It’s that inner fortitude that comes from being your word.  Integrity is also about being honest.  Being honest with yourself….especially when no one is watching.

When I keep my word to myself, in small and big ways, I fill my inner well of self-assurance. I reinforce within myself and to my Self that I have the ability to act, to stand up and be my best Self; to lean into doing bigger and harder things because I know deep within that I’ve been able to try and do what I said I would do…especially when no one is watching.

When I was in the throws of bulimia I remember being resigned to do anything that would lead to recovery.

I gave up. After 20 years of half-hearted trying…I quit.

I stopped working on changing my binge eating habits…because I didn’t trust myself.

I told myself soooo many times, “This is the last time!  Tomorrow I’m not doing this again!”

Well, you know what happened.  Within 24 hours I was right back into my old binge habits stuffing my face with everything in sight.

And with every bite I ate into my integrity.

I repeatedly damaged and destroyed the most important relationship I had; the relationship with my Self.

Today, I take on bigger things in business, in relationships and personal challenges like 12-hour adventure races that call me to be more than I was yesterday.

I now have confidence in myself because I’m be-ing and do-ing what a champion does. Not for  anyone in the outside world…for me…and especially when no one is watching.

In those moments when I’m the only one around I don’t let myself down. I do that last burpee. I write that last email. I honor my commitments to others, but now I especially honor my commitments to my Self.

The more I study my new [post eating disorder] mindset I realize this integrity with my Self is the backbone of discipline…and of success.

Keeping my word is a cornerstone that allows me to create great things in my life.

When I’m alone with me…just me and hours of race training…or just me and the fridge…I have such presence of mind, such inner alignment with who I am and who I want to be in the world that I don’t give in or give up.

Champion rise upI don’t let my champion sit on the bench when I’m by myself.

You see, I find clients who fall back on their commitments to change their bad habits give up on themselves when no one’s around.  They let themselves off the hook because no one’s watching. 

They let their champion sit on the sidelines when they’re triggered and their old habits show up.

And it doesn’t always look like what you might think, but it may sound familiar.

Letting their champion sit this one out sounds like….

…I’ve already eaten a little too much, I might as well just go all in and eat a ton now and start over tomorrow.

…I’m bored [or lonely] and I’d rather turn to food so I don’t feel these uncomfortable feelings right now.

…I don’t feel like exercising even though I know I’ll feel better if I do.

…I am exhausted but I’d rather run on empty than rest or take a short time out to reset my energy.

…I’m feeling overwhelmed or anxious, but I’d rather distract myself with food or a drink or cigarettes – or make up stories – than catch my breath and get things straight in my mind.

Your inner champion is that part of you that’s aligned with your highest self.  The self you most want to be.  The one who cares for her-self so she can care for other people.  The one who talks kindly to herself instead of letting negative self-talk get her down.

I want to share with you My 5 Tips for Strengthening Your Inner Champion:

1.     Daily affirmations of “I AM ENOUGH.  I AM WORTH IT.” – repeating a few times each morning or more frequently throughout your day.  Look at affirmations as the birthplace of belief. If you want to change your mindset and old limiting beliefs, regularly and consistently repeating affirmations with energy and emphasis can reprogram your subconscious and nervous system for action.  Meaning…you will eventually live into believing that YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Champions believe both.

2.     Visualizing or journaling about your dreams regularly – I write down my intentions for the next 6-12 months every morning. I also do closed eye visualizations for about 5 minutes every morning before I get out of bed. Rehearsing the life you want to live and who you want to be conditions your mind for that reality.  You become what you think about.  The more often you spend time with the woman you want to be, the more likely she is to show up when you need her.

3.     Pay attention to every decision – I find that it’s rarely big decisions that need to change in order for me to live like a champion.  But I can’t live like a champion when I make bad [small] choices.  Don’t neglect or let your champion down on small decisions or choices.  Be her in every choice.  Act like you have a board of directors watching your every move watching how you’re living your life.  Would your board of directors say your small choices were those of a champion? If not, remember to choose like a champion.

4.     Listen to your inner dialogue – Integrity is based on trust, not lies.  When we let our champion sit on the sidelines we’re often lying to ourselves.  In those moments you find yourself out of integrity with yourself, choose again.  The story you tell yourself about what this or that means, doing what you said you would or even how you treat yourself with your inner conversation are crucial to standing tall like a champion.  Are you letting your thoughts and words kill your champion or letting her rise up?

5.     Small wins build champion muscles – top athletes train for years building muscles each week, each day, each moment to step into the arena for that one grand event.  Champions spend much more time be-ing and do-ing champion acts outside the arena…especially when no one is watching…in order to have success.  Find small ways to win with yourself.  Set yourself up in small ways to stretch and do something, keep your commitment to yourself and remember to call yourself a champion.  Rinse and repeat… and repeat…and repeat.  Champions do it over and over and over.  Keep being your word to yourself in small areas of your life and watch your confidence bloom until you feel unstoppable.

If you’ve made it this far through my message, you’re ready for a change.

I invite you NOW, as your coach, to step into one of these 5 tips and to take it on this week.

What one thing will you do differently, as a champion, this week that can make a difference tomorrow?

Remember, we become what we repeatedly do so what acts, what thoughts, what little choices will you shift this week….and forever…that will get you going in the direction you want in life?  To be-ing who you know you are here to be.

Sending you loads of champion-hearted love.

Let me know how it goes!

In joy,